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After raking in over m in total, then came the backlash, somewhat unfairly, as critics carped that a man of Braff’s means should not be petitioning the public for funds.Braff was taken aback, not least because actress Kristen Bell used the same methods to raise money for the film version of her show Veronica Mars.

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“A movie that changed the way young adults saw the world,” as one fan wrote, it spawned the word “Braffian” online. You could pick any number of adjectives: sensitive, soulful, wry, poetic.

But most importantly, here was a writer-director-actor unafraid to create a character close to his own personality.

Originally from Tennessee, she relocated to New York City.

It seems almost impossible to believe that Zach Braff is “pushing 40 next April”, as he puts it.

Unless it wasn't in your head to start out with, in which case, get it on in there!

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