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WAYANS’ WITNESS PROTECTION Want to avoid shopping for the holidays? “I’m a Jehovah’s Witness this year,” he told [email protected] Ronson handbag collection at Toy restaurant in the Meatpacking District ...

Wayans, who had a Jehovah’s Witness upbringing, asked, “What religion can I be where I don’t have to buy 10 little greedy kids gifts? Spike Lee was spotted strolling through Washington Square Park in orange-and-blue Knicks regalia Saturday...

“I hope she likes poop,” Osbourne quipped at the Spike TV Video Game Awards in L. In April, Osbourne and Stelly welcomed Pearl Osbourne to the family.

“I never thought getting baby drool all over my face and mouth could be so exciting,” Osbourne admits. I love her so much it doesn’t matter.” SMITH - PARTY OF FEW? Guests claiming to have been uninvited from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's early evening party in South Florida Saturday night tell [email protected] the bash was canceled last minute, "because (Will) got into an argument with Jada." Big Willie later headed to Baoli lounge with his son Trey, who deejayed that evening.

REESE GETS BIG KICK AS SOCCER MOM Reese Witherspoon and hubby Jim Toth cheered on Witherspoon's son Deacon at his soccer game in Brentwood, Calif., on Saturday.

Who is jim toth dating

In perfect unison they dance across the stage, mesmerizing in their precision. But when these private photographs gain the potential to go public, their relationships are tested, forcing the women to confront who they are, what they've become, and how they'll deal with whatever lies ahead.…
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