Remeron 7 5 mg more sedating

by  |  11-Oct-2016 10:09

He thought it would help with depression as well as insomnia.

For 40 hours I could barely get food and a drink due to extreme sleepiness. (After 2 hours of Restless Leg Syndrome) I sleep better than ever, including normal REM.

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At 1st I would only take them when I couldn't sleep, but then I split with my husband after 11 years, and the dr told me that they were an anti-depressent and should be taken them regularly. Your question is considered to be an answer, and will not show up to the other members of the site. My doctor suggested not to take the Zopiclone and Mirtazapine together as they can make you a hella lot suicidal.

For the last 3 months I've taken them every night, they have always helped me to sleep, but the last 2-3 weeks I'm waking up in the middle of the night, and it has taken me longer to fall asleep to. It will show up to the people (via e-mail notification) that you see above also answered the original question. He told me I had to choose which one I wanted to take that night.

This was three years ago, and I made the mistake of remaining on the tablet for this time, instead of only taking it for a couple of months, as before.

After several months, the 15mg no longer worked, so the doctor prescribed 30mg, which worked for another year.

So much so, that I only took it for a couple of months, as it had returned my sleep pattern to normal after years of insomnia.

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