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2 and stayed there for three weeks and stayed in the Top 100 for 20 weeks. I've heard interviews with him and no, he does not hate short people (obviously) and no it's not a song about prejudice.He also finally won an Oscar after being nominated 16 times... It's a funny song about a crazy person who hates short people. Renee said"I guess some people just didn't get the point of the joke, which is, as someone else already pointed out, that it was supposed to sound ridiculous and hopefully make people understand the ridiculousness of prejudice in general.He was just making a point about the idiocy of prejudices and stereotypes. Short/little people don't drive little cars, they don't have specifically small teeth, and they DON'T wear platform shoes!

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it's a 'nasty little song' for short people to hear. different people react differently to criticism based on how they grew up.

Personally, if it were me, (being all of 4.5ft tall), i like to think i'd've asked yer one playin' the piano if i could play one tune after that...

It basically said what alot of us thought about little people back then but just wouldnt say it.

Now whether or not he was being sarcastic or really meant it who but Newman knows? in fairness, if u were short and that song directed at you in public, while u might be able to laugh at it, it would still make u uncomfortable and u'd be just dyin' for it to end.

Sort of like when he says let's drop the bomb on South America because they stole our name, or "we're keeping the niggers down", or "I want you to hurt like I do." Most of his songs are not autobiographical and should not be taken literally. And I'm not just saying that because I'm of average height."This is EXACTLY right, as proven by the line "All men are brothers until the day they die.

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