Portage config files in etc need updating

by  |  01-Nov-2017 22:12

Note that there is no file locking going on here, so there is a remote chance that the /server-rcs version (but not the /var/lib/portage version) could get corrupted. With the /server-rcs directory prepared, we now just need to get it into the RCS.

These are Subversion commands: Because of the in-place import problem for pre-existing directories (described earlier), we likely had to create some of the repository directory structure already.

See the project on Source Forge for all of the details on installing, configuring and running GLCU. * Type emerge --help config to learn how to update config files.glsa's: ['200612-03']( 1 ) 200612-03 [N] Gnu PG: Multiple vulnerabilities ( app-crypt/gnupg ) Do you want to fix all glsa's now?

The first that runs in the off-hours via cron that syncs the local portage copy, download and compiles updated packages, and stages ready-to-install binary distributions of those updates.

The second piece has the human interface: seeing the list of updated packages in the staging area, selecting which to install, and prompting the sysadmin to install any updates as a result of Gentoo Linux Security Announcements (GLSAs).

What we do instead is patch into a hook of the ’emerge’ command that will save a sorted copy of the world file into /server-rcs.

This patch goes into Every time ’emerge’ goes through the ‘setup’ mode when installing a package, it will run this sort command.

Not everything we want to track is in /etc or neatly packaged into directories.

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