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This is due to both a stimulation of the reproductive and natural survival rates to approach maximal levels (24, 25) and reductions in search efficiency.The latter response reflects, in part, changed behavior of the animals such as increased wariness of humans (23) and a shift from diurnal to nocturnal grazing (26).

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Understanding of the Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions has been advanced recently by the application of simulation models and new developments in geochronological dating.

Together these have been used to posit a rapid demise of megafauna due to over-hunting by invading humans.

Contrary to recent claims, the existing data do not prove the “blitzkrieg” model of overkill.

The cause of the extinction of giant birds, reptiles, and mammals in the late Pleistocene is, for palaeobiology, what Fermat's last theorem was for mathematics (1): a long-standing scientific puzzle that has captured the imagination of specialists and nonspecialists alike (2).

First, a mathematical simulation model (16) was interpreted as showing the North American megafauna most likely succumbed to over-hunting after human colonization at the end of the last Ice Age.

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