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The scribed lines below illustrate the intersection point, which is about 7/8″ above the centre-line of the crank. Lower bevel drive needs threaded mounts for the tubes, but the magneto is mounted. Without patience, a project like this will never happen. This would allow me to turn it around and make it easier to work on each end, while keeping the outer dimensions concentric with the bearing bores. If you get a flat at speed, there’s nothing to keep it on the rim. The concept of a steel wire in the tire’s bead wasn’t invented until the early 1920s. It clamps into the bottom bracket of the frame and allows adjustment of the chain from the engine sprocket to the jackshaft.Check the frame casting just in front of the magneto. The basic shape of the rear hub is starting to appear. The keyway keeps both sides of the eccentric in line with each other.The rear axle is 1/2″, with flats milled to fit the slots.

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I always say that anyone can make a frame; it’s just hard to make a good frame. A rear triangle is mated to a set of cases with barrels.

The OHC frame is based on a 1914 rear end coupled with a 1919 “front clip”.

The mock-up made it this far before I realized the bevel drive was split down the middle, plus a few other small details, so it had to be made all over again.

Making the upper bevel drive covers has turned out to be difficult.

The fender bosses have been brazed on, and the axle adjusters are Tig tacked on.

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