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Aside from that little sip of tea about the high school drama, the 25-year-old cutie also added that another reason why he sometimes misses his Disney days is because he misses being able to spend time with his brothers.

Babies are considered one of life's little miracles.

Despite what you see on Facebook and in the news, however, not everyone connects with their children instantly, says pop star Kevin Jonas, who was named one of People magazine's Sexiest Men Alive in 2008.

“They would collect all of us from the different shows and then put us together at Disney World. We had the park to ourselves some nights, and lots of drama because we were all dating each other. Then his big brother, Joe Jonas, was linked to Demi Lovato…

It’s like high school.” Just in case you need a little refresher, back in the day, Nick dated Miley Cyrus and then moved on with Selena Gomez… It was just A LOT going on so we get what he means by there being a lot of drama.

“I prefer ‘Mophie,’” she said, referring to her longtime friendship with Maisie Williams. Relationships come and go buy friendship is always there.”September 2017: And then there were three.

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