How to get paid for dating

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She found herself Googling Stuart*, a Brit living in Amsterdam.

He worked at a startup; he was visiting New York on business.

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The mention of the hotel gave Tara pause, and she asked him what exactly he had in mind. "I was like, ‘Listen, I don’t know who you’ve met [on this app], but I’m not going to fuck you, I’m sorry,’" she says. The Ohlala headquarters are located on a sleepy block in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood of Berlin, in an old prewar building one block from where the Wall once stood.

Though you wouldn’t know it from walking down the pin-drop-quiet residential street, the neighborhood has become home to several startups including Sound Cloud, which has an office a couple floors down from Ohlala.

"You picked a great day to visit," she says, in a voice that suggests more cigarettes than hours of sleep.

"Search ‘hashtag escortgate’ on Twitter." I do so as we step out to the balcony and she lights up a Marlboro Red.

There are going to be a few duds, douches and detours along the way. But wouldn’t it all hurt less if you were compensated for the ones that didn’t work out? Sometimes, it takes a little incentive to win someone over.

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