Germany girls sex boundaries in dating summary

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It serves almost 4 million readers -- including those vacationing in Mallorca, Istanbul and the Canary Islands.But unlike the National Enquirer in the US, Bild doesn't rely too heavily on stories it invents in house -- instead, it prefers to twist even the slightest news item into a world changing event threatening life as we know it. In 2004, the paper -- whose motto is Bild Dir Deine Meinung (which can be loosely translated as "we form your opinion so you don't have to") was reprimanded by German press watchdog Deutscher Presserat no fewer than 12 times.

Indeed, the paper is fond of its crusades -- against the European Union, against politicians of all stripes, against foreign workers.

The most recent offensive involved a number of shots fired over the bow of national soccer team trainer Jürgen Klinsmann for daring to smile after Germany lost a friendly with Italy 4-1.

The paper tends toward conservative-mindededness and during the Cold War, it took decades to admit that East Germany was a separate nation.

Bild simply referred to the country as a "zone" occupied by the Soviet Union until well into the 1980s -- just in time to report on the East German government's collapse in 1989.

Sex work in historically German lands has never been outlawed and been described since the middle ages.

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