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well-known social psychologist, who has written a great deal about “social influence” and decision-making.His studies show that 1) peer pressure is powerful, especially when the decisions we are making are complex or ambiguous, and 2) the closer we are to the person or group we are comparing ourselves to, the more likely we are to be influenced by them.You may be able to see tiny bit of Rep Hresh seeping out the end.

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I noticed that some of the really healthy, outcome-focused organizations I visited during my research were using these peer-based partnerships to help their employees meet not only personal health goals but also business goals.

It turns out this peer pressure thing, when you turn up the “accountability” knob, is a motivator for a lot more than losing a few pounds.

Also, it should not be used to treat an existing vaginal infection. It can be purchased at most drugstores as well as places like Wal-Mart and Target and is usually in the section with pads, tampons, yeast creams, pregnancy tests, etc. It seems to be cheaper online and some places also offer free shipping.

Rep Hresh costs around $18.99 for a box, which comes with 4 pre-filled applicators.

And setting up an accountability partnership is refreshingly simple: I’ve seen a few working variations of the idea of accountability partnerships.

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