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a girl that used to be my friend from where i used to live commented on them saying that i was desperate and i only asked him because i knew no one would ask me.

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I'm sure it's just that they've got other people to talk to, and I totally understand that.

It just makes me feel weird sometimes, but I'm a very talkative person, so that's probably why I felt a little sad.

D., study author, a professor in FAU's School of Criminology and Criminal Justice in the College for Design and Social Inquiry, and co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center. Adolescents (read more...)Doctor Justin Patchin, a professor at UWEC, and co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center, said his research is the first of its kind, and just the tip of the iceberg.

"Sometimes I just feel ignored by my friends on chats.

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