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Overall, 39 percent and 43 percent of respondents said would consult their spouse about daily or big purchases, respectively, up from 29 percent and 37 percent in 2011.

"Self" was the third most popular answer in 2011, given by only 16 percent of respondents, indicating Americans have become more self-reliant when it comes to financial education.

The 'You Tube Phenomenon' For many experts, this shift comes as no surprise.

It makes sense that those with less financially stable parents would rely more on themselves or their spouse for money management information, according to Linfield.

Also, those who witnessed firsthand the effects of the 2008 recession -- especially teenagers -- may be especially leery to go to others for financial advice, an indicator that the self-sufficiency trend may strengthen as time goes on.

"It's a fine place to start and it may give you some general information, but at the same time you may misread it or assume the wrong things apply to your situation.

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