Colin farrell and angelina jolie dating average joe dating

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Before him people liked Angelina and she wasn't a TABLOID STAR until him either.

If she wants to continue being a tabloid staple she should date actors. reply share I guess you ignored the years of the team *beep* and the YEARS of tabloids attacking her in favor of Pitt and his ex.

Angelina doesn't need ties to Hollywood as she is an actress herself.

I can't stand her dad but that's her tie-- she's Hollywood "royalty" as they say... People forget she was an award winning megastar before Pitt.

Before pitt Angelina was a huge worldwide star because of Tomb raider and her humanitarian work but didn't have to deal with the mean tabloids and evil fans that Brad Pitt brought into her life.

Colin farrell and angelina jolie dating

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