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Like Stone, there's somewhat more to her than meets the eye.

She's a fan of Nirvana, and REM, and the Australian grunge band Silverchair.

Conventional, syrupy boy bands and girl bands were fast becoming passé, replaced by punk-pop outfits like Good Charlotte and Busted, with their fast, cheery riffs and adolescent pouts.

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But double-takes look like being the new trend for 2004.

After Joss Stone, meet Fe Fe Dobson, a teen pop export from Canada.

Yet, it keeps coming back around because music is this great unifier.

We’ve been exploring this since the beginning of time.

'Before I was signed, people would look at me, and go, "oh my God, you're going to be the next R&B singer,"' the 19-year-old mixed-race singer recalls.

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